Who Are We

Akela Group (Akela) is a global company that consists of mutually supporting strategic advisory, integrated managed services, and service delivery businesses that are designed to support C-Suite executives across the Private Sector and Government Organisations alike.

We support your business needs through:

We partner with you to tailor smart data-centric solutions defined by your strategic business objectives and operational requirements.

Akela’s Growth

Already located in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne, as part of Akela’s continued growth strategy we will soon be opening the first of our international locations, with more planned over the next 2 years.

We have been establishing new businesses and capabilities through internal growth, mergers, and acquisitions, and will be continuing this into our international markets.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to a better inter-connected world that delivers high quality services and products, and to enable our clients to provide greater opportunities to their staff and local communities.

Our Mission

Lots can be said about an organisation’s mission – but in its basic form Akela is here to help you to succeed – it’s that simple.

Our approach is to form a strategic partnership with you and work as one team to develop, transform, enhance, and modernise your enterprise value by identifying, anticipating, and solving your critical business problems.

Akela Leadership Team

Brad Watson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Lloyd Laing

Managing Director Digital Services and Infrastructure

Alan Yao

Co-Founder and Managing Director Commercial Services and Supply Chain