Capability and Innovation

We believe strongly in pushing the boundaries of contemporary thinking, products, and services and work closely with visionaries to this to our clients. Our research and development team are continuously working hard to develop or refine ideas, processes, and technologies to ensure we provide leading edge capabilities to you.

Akela provides realistic training to technical and non-technical staff, Senior Executives, CEOs, and Board Members across a range of professional categories.

Research and Development

Akela conducts research and development activities for various inhouse and client related activities.

Joint Ventures

We are involved in several joint ventures with private sector entities, Government organisations, and universities.


Akela staff have extensive real-world experience and qualifications developing and delivering bespoke and competency-based training modules across Government and private sector organisations.

Capability Uplift

Akela has significant experience in designing and implementing new target operating models to meet your current and future state operational, strategic business and technical requirements. We identify new capabilities needs, and existing capability improvements, and establish the foundations for your success.

We ensure that your people are taken on the journey, and your systems and data are secure throughout the end-to-end process.
We focus on unlocking the high performance of your organisation and people through a co-design approach, ensuring the adaptability of your systems, organisation structure, work environment, team behaviours and interactions.
Our process identifies key business gaps, risks, and opportunities. It delivers meaningful insights for your leaders to take targeted action at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.
Headquartered In Australia, we have an extensive global network that we leverage to ensure we provide international best business practices and leadingleading-edge technologies for you.

Our Approach


  • Target Operating Model
  • Implementation
  • Organisational Change
  • Develop New Technical and Non-Technical Capabilities
  • Refine Current Capabilities


  • Crisis Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Risk Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Senior Executive Leadership


  • Blockchain
  • Defi
  • Smart Contracts
  • Dapps
  • Data Centre and Cloud- Based Technologies


  • Government Organisations
  • Space Sector
  • Scientific Community
  • Australian Universities
  • Several Technology Partners

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