Business Optimisation

Business and Government organisations alike need to continuously monitor their business operations against performance, economic conditions, budgets, expenditures, staffing levels and expertise, technology innovation, and changing customer requirements, to optimise business outputs through efficiency dividends.

Akela can help you achieve your business optimisation through:

Strategy, Planning and Delivery

Akela will develop and implement the right strategies, plans, processes, and capabilities to enable staff and leaders to optimise their business operations, and make the best decisions possible through accurate and timely information.

Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Resilience and Disaster Recovery

Akela’s all hazards approach will assist you establish the correct strategies, plans, processes, decision points, and response capabilities to either maintain, or quickly recover, business operations resulting from an unplanned natural or man-made event. This also includes planned events that unexpectedly go wrong.

Organisational Change

Akela specialises in cutting through complexity to identify beneficial organisational changes, leveraging technical and non-technical innovation, and enhancing your organisation’s human talent and skill sets.

We ensure that your people are taken on the journey, and your systems and data are secure throughout the end-to-end process.
We focus on unlocking the high performance of your organisation and people through a co-design approach, ensuring the adaptability of your systems, organisation structure, work environment, team behaviours and interactions.
Our process identifies key business gaps, risks, and opportunities. It delivers meaningful insights for your leaders to take targeted action at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.
Headquartered In Australia, we have an extensive global network that we leverage to ensure we provide international best business practices and leadingleading-edge technologies for you.

Industry Experts with Global Experience

Planning, strategies, roadmaps and business intelligence

Portfolio, program and project management

Sustainment of your business operations and capabilities

Looking to optimise your business?